How To Deallocate A Citizen Developer License From A User?

How to Deallocate a Citizen Developer License from a User?

Issue Description: The Citizen Developer License still shows as assigned to a user even after disabling it.


  1. Navigate to Orchestrator -> Tenant -> Manage Access
  2. Select the user for which to deallocate the license
  3. Click the 3 dots from the right side of the page / Edit button
  4. Select the second tab (Personal automations setup/Attended Robot setup - the labeling might be different based on the Orchestrator version)
  5. Either choose a different license type for that user, or, if the Attended Robot is no longer used, simply uncheck the "Enable user to run automations" option (see below image). Both will release the Citizen Developer license.
  6. To check the result, go to Tenant > License > See more (on the Citizen Development license).