How to deal With long Path directory


Hi @Nas,

By any chance, is there a possibility to reduce the file name length?

Also can you share what is the path and file value you are getting error for?

Then we can also give a try at our end.



You can map path to letter drive and then you can access.


hi there Sonali ,

there is no Chance to reduce the path unfortunately

the path is long path however i apologies , will not be able to share the file AS IT IS confidential

HI Prathamesh ,
Thanks for the idea
I did that how ever , it still did not work that with me , do i have to do some Setting in UI path Application ?

What you did for setting local path to letter drive?

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This is a Windows thing not a UiPath thing. Shorten your paths by reorganizing folders.

Someone should talk to your IT department, then, because assuming it’s a shared drive they screwed up. This is standard Windows stuff that they shouldn’t let happen.


Check below post for your reference

Hope this may help you


thank you so much i just did that and it works Thanks a lot :grinning: :grinning:

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LongPathTool for removing, renaming, coping and deleting files and folders with very Long Paths.