How to deal with folder Inbox of Outlook Mail Message in multiple language?

I built an automation who reach the selected mail from Inbox and post it in a internal web site.

When I tested with the final user the process failed due to the fact that he has an Outlook in a different language than I (Inbox → Boite de messages).
I know I can create a regex for solve this specific situation, but the process will be deploy for other user in the world with Outlook set up with other language than English or French.

Any clue how to deal with this kind of situation ?

We use Exchange activities and in a recent case we were testing exactly that, as we had multiple languages involved. Inbox was a standardized name in our deployment, no matter the language, when we accessed with Exchange activities.

I could thing of some mechanism like:
Outlook activities → Check name locally (language specific)
Exchange activities → Check name on exchange server (english)

In my specific case, the first step I detect the selected email in Outlook client before dealing with the message itself.

I was thinking if there was a kind of meta attribute to recognize the Inbox folder.

But I will explore the Exchange activity, thanks for your help.

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