How to deal with a general pop-up?

We have created a workflow of creating payment lists in our ERP application. At any time the error ‘server terminated unexpectedly’ can appear. I wonder if it’s possible to build something to handle with this error through the whole workflow. Anyone an idea ? Many thanks in advance. Kind regards Katelijne Tullen.

Hi @Kate

I do not know which version of the Studio you are using, but the recently releases 2018.4 has something called Global Exception Handler that can do just that. You can read more about here:

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Thanks for the information.

We are now using 2018.3 but I’ll keep it in mind.

In that case, you can try to surround parts of your workflow with a Try-Catch routine that will handle the pop-up.

More-so, using the ReFramework would allow you a nice error handling and the possibility to retry failed transactions. I would definitely recommend it in this case.