How to datascrape through detail subpages


I’m brand new to uipath. I have rudimentary understanding at best, so apologies in advance.

I’ve searched through the forums ad nauseam, but can’t quite piece together what I need to do to scrape through to detail sub pages.

If I start here: definitelynotawebpage

I’d like to scrape the name, price and URL of all the items

I then want to select ea of the items, then scrape the details. Specifically, I’d go to this page


Then scrape all the details in the list of specifications, with headers

Bottom Bracket

And write to CSV.

I am able to do the 1st part (capture model, price, url) but cannot figure out how to dig down and iterate through all the items.


You can use For each row activity to loop and followed by select statement to filter the second table.