How to dataScrap in Amazon site by clicking the Today'sdeals?

Iam a new bee in UIPath. while data scraping the Today’s deals it not capturing all the product details in most of the pages kindly help me…


Check below thread:

Hi @Aravinthan

Use the data scraping wizard. It will help you to get the scraping set up properly.

Let know how it goes

Hi @Aravinthan

Buddy…! Kindly refer to the below link, image and xaml for your reference.

would like to give small suggestion as per your query, you asked for all the details from all the page, you have a property named “MaxNumberofResults” in extract data table, where you can mention as 0 to get all the selected range of value from all the pages, while its default value is 100, that is you will get only 100 values.


Image just for reference of output,

And here is your xaml,
todaysdeal.xaml (10.7 KB)

Hope this would help you…!


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