How to data entry dynamic values forms

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We have a website that fill up traveler forms data. If we have 2 travelers, the webpage displays two travelers info to fill up. If we have 5 travelers, then it shows 5 forms to fill.
So in this case, how can we use type into the data per each travelers with dynamic selectors. Sample screenshot for 2 travelers are attached. Any solutions are welcome. Many thanks.


Can you share the selector of fullname while travelers is 5, copy them to notepad and share here
If possible share website page

Hi RK,

Choose AYA Go
Enter From date to date
Choose Individual and enter adults
Click get quote
Click buy now
then if you choose 5 adults before, there will be display 5 information forms to fill up.

right now I am stuck at this point. Let me know your solution. Many thanks.

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Hello @Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn

This you need to make it dynamic by making the static selectors the dynamic selectors.

Inspect on the fields in 2 user details and try to find the attribute which shows the position.

it means for the Full name for the first passenger idx =1 and for second user idx=2.

Like this some attribute will be there. Then you can use it in a loop and pass the variables to the selector.

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selectoe.txt (529 Bytes)
In these selectors webctrl id changing for entries pass these values as dynamic selecor variables using for each


Take a try catch indicate all selectors and pass the input values by creating relevant variables for all selector in catch block use continue
in the above case when it comes to thrid traveller it will go to catch block and continue the process

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