How to cut a row value after reading and past into another sheet

I have a case where I am reading from an Excel file Sheet 1 and after read, I want each row value to be pasted into Sheet 2 one by one.

After reading the first value from Sheet 1 it should paste to Sheet 2

Then read the second value and should paste it to the next row until all the values are read in Sheet 1
When I run it next time it should not overwrite but write to the next blank row in sheet 3.
What I have done:
Read Range Workbook and store in dtRead
For each row in Data-table and pass dtRead
Not sure how to do rest.
(If I use Write range it is copy-pasting the whole row from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 in one go which is what I don’t want.)

Please advice.

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I was able to do everything else except not able to figure out how to write to the next cell and not overwrite when running 2nd, 3rd time etc.

Why not? That’s how you’re supposed to do it. Read the source into a datatable, manipulate the data in the datatable, then write the data from the datatable to a spreadsheet all in one shot.

Stop looking at it as editing values in the spreadsheet one at a time or whatever. It doesn’t work like that. Read Range into a DT then work in the DT until you’re ready to write it all back to the spreadsheet.

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I figured out the whole thing-took some time.
I am supposed to use Write Cell and no Write Range. Also, to write to the next black cell I am counting the rows and adding “+2” to write to the next empty cell.
For Write to Cell and increment by 1 :

coutnernameName = countername + 1
"A" + counterName.ToString

For counting I have (excluding blank)

dtRead2.Rows.Cast(Of DataRow)().Where(Function(row) Not row.Item("Col Name") IsNot DBNull.Value Or row.Item("col Name").ToString() <> "").Count

Thanks for your suggestion.

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