How to create Whatsapp chatbot using Twilio and UiPath?

Hi. Does anyone know how to create a whatsapp chatbot using Twilio and UiPath? If yes, can you please guide me how to do it?

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Hi @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu ,

sharing my experience on twilio integration with uipath. my idea is to send text message to the customers if we face any business exceptions in the process. after logging in to the following website i got to know that it is not free. for each and every message they will charge(it is less amount in cents).


  1. Login to the following website [

Login - Twilio

](Twilio | Login) and create user in this site. once succesfull login to it will navigate to console. there you can create your trail number. which is the mobile number used to send messages. initially you will get some trail balance. you could use amount for your testing.

  1. import UiPath.Twilio.Activities package in your process it will enable multiple options like Twilio Scope, Make voice message, send message etc.

  2. You have to drag and drop twilio scope first there some input you have to provide like Account Sid,APi Key and API scret these details will be avilable on your twilio console i described in the above.

  3. inside this twilio scope you have to place send message activity to enter sender number, message etc.

Sorry don’t have much experience on the chatbot i know it can develop by using twilio studio. thanks.

i hope this post will help you to automate your task. Need any more details. please let me know. thanks.


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Sorry for late reply.

My requirement is to create a chatbot where user and bot will have to and fro communication.