How to create Values for a Dropdown and Date-picker?

I have the following problem.

The user must fill in the fields at Information. And that information needs to be stored in Values.

With text fields manages to create Values in UiPath Apps for later use.

However, I do not succeed in creating Values for a DropDown and a DatePicker.

My goal is two things.

First, that at Information under Select machine, the user chooses a machine. This machine should then be immediately visible in Planning for Selected machine.

Secondly, the user should select a date at Production start date under Information. This date should then immediately become visible in Planning for Production date.


you can use javascript for dropdown. pls refer below link:

HTML DOM Select value Property (



@Steyn_Muller1 ,

Yes you can do this, To do this you need to write a rule on control to set value as below.

  1. Go to your control production start date and configure a rule Item to set and in the configuration Item to set should be Production start date and in Value Production date
  2. Similarly you can for Selected machine

Please have a look at below configuration.


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