How to create Uipath Project nuget package in command line




How do i mimic the publish to create a nuget package using the command line ?.

When i executed nuget pack project.json it says nothing found in bin.

I tried creating a nuspec file with the details and then it worked. How do i make it work with just the project.json?



Please check this link. hope you will find your answer.


Kiran, did you end up finding out how to do this?
I’m also after this functionality, essentially building the project using build tools taking the project from source repository.


Hi, I would like to ask if there is other method to package the file other than using the studio itself, i.e. via command line?


Found Nothing yet


Checking on this again. Anyone find a solution to this?


Just trying my luck here, Did any solution come up for this?


There are many package creation tools available. you can opt these apps to build nuget package via commandline


Hi @kiran_kumar_sukumar

Open Command Prompt and navigate to the directory where the Robot.exe file is saved and use the below command
For Example
c:\Program Files (x84)\UiPath\Studio> UiRobot.exe -pack “C:\UiPath\Projects\Notepad\project.json” -o “destination file”. Click on enter.

This will create a nuget package of your project in the destination path you have specified above.

Refer the link :