How to create Uipath Chatbot which will helps with videos and ppts

Can someone help me with a sample uipath chatbot which will play videos and docs requested by users.
I have to create a chatbot to train employees by providing ppts and video tutorials in our prjct. Please help me with a sample chatbot wherein I can modify according to my need.

Eg. when I run the chatbot it should display
Hello “username”, Welcome to virtual learning using chatbot.
Please select one of the options below.

  1. Decks
  2. Videos

based on user input selection chatbot has to output respective ppt/videos.

Can I expect a sample chatbot of this example???

@sk.mansoorali618, if you are using the chatbot connector with Google Dialogflow, my recommendation would be to respond to the user with a link of the deck/video that needs to be served

Hello Smiley,
In this movie I did all step to Configure UiPath ChatBot:

Cristian Negulescu