How to Create Tree like structure for Custom Activities

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How do i Create a Tree like structure for Custom Activities, for example
Found this (Publish Library - Add levels to Activities Root Category) post in Forum but couldn’t quite understand what they did there.
(please note that i’m new to Custom Activities and all)

Attaching Screenshot for reference:



You have to create those Activities under same package name.


I’m not that familiar on how to create two activities under same package.
I tried creating two activities under same project as shown in screenshot. but i got two different activities under different parent root

I believe the hierarchy depends on the namespace that you use. For the example you first posted the namespace would be AppIntegration.CSV or AppIntegration.Database, etc…

No @DanielMitchell, That screenshot is for reference from UIPath studio. I have created a Project with Namespace FileFolderCleanup and created my CodeActivity Classes.
As in screenshot, I want Hieararchy as

     -> My Activity 

      ->My Activity2

Right, so put both activities in namespace “FolderCleanup” and then for My Activity put it inside namespace Folders and for My Activty2 put it inside namespace Files.

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Thanks @DanielMitchell and @lakshman for helping me. i’m able to achieve what i required.
Got one question though how do i make FileFolderCleanup look like File Folder Cleanup with space between words. i see that it is displaying namespace.


Specify namespace like this in the code and try once.

namespace File_Folder_Cleanup


It Worked @lakshman Thankyou so much.

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