How to Create separate excel Files from sheets of Master excel File

Hello Everyone,
I want to convert multiple sheets present in Excel File into a separate excel file each. Please provide me the solution for this issue

Hi @Ripusudan_Sharma

Simply read the complete Range from a Sheet and write Range in a new Excel file, could this work for you?

Hi ,

Step1: Use Excel Application scope for Master Excel .
Step2: Use Get Workbook Sheets Activity inside scope, So we got all sheets of Master Excel.
Step 3: Use For Each loop and put Get Workbook sheet variable in For Each loop Activity.
step 4: create variable i and assign value zero
Step 5: Use Create File Activity and give path and File Name with extension like(.xls or .xlsx or .csv) with File Name ex: “Excel”+i+“.xls”
step 6: Read Range Activity for Get all value from sheet of Master Excel .
Step 7: Use For Each Row Activity and Put Read range data type variable into it.
Step 8: Use Write Range Activity to Paste all data.
step 9: assign i= i+1

@Ripusudan_Sharma … Here is the solution

Get Workbook Sheets.xaml (9.8 KB)

I have used “Copy to File” from bala Reva excel activities


Here are the output files:
Destination.xlsx (8.7 KB) Example.xlsx (12.0 KB) Test.xlsx (11.0 KB)

Feel free to change the Path and test it…

Mark this as solution…if its solves your problem…


@Ripusudan_Sharma - Any update on this? Did you get a chance to look at the xaml provided?

Thank you prasath17 for the solution. :ok_hand:


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