How to create Purchase order form in word?

I want to create form for purchase order in word Also i want to fill the data init. how can i do that?
I try using replace text activity but its not writing in exact position.

Hi @Ronak.Khamar,
Could you show an example of what you mean exactly. Maybe some screenshot with description?

@Pablito here is the Attachment of Doc file. I want to enter data init.

Purchse Requisition.docx (19.7 KB)

It’s totally doable. You just need to work with proper selectors.

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its in word format so when i try to enter the date and other data. it change the position of other field.

It’s mainly because this word template is not fully prepared for automation. What about building such template with the excel? You would work on particular cells which are far more easier to work with.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

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