How to create or train semi-structured table format on document understanding

Hi team,

I am new to document understanding on a semi-structured table format, I request can anyone help me.


Usually we use ML Package in document understanding for semi structured data

Pls refer this file more info

Cheers @Majunu09

Hi @Palaniyappan thanks for the replay. I have gone through a few videos on creating with ML packages etc. But my ML skill status is failed after creating or deploying it. How to resolve this. It is like being stuck on the first step.

No worries
Try with ML extractor which is somehow the same and makes easier for you to access unstructured data

Cheers @Majunu09

Clear me on how yo get status success.

@Palaniyappan, I have deleted packages much time and created the packages as well as ML skill but the deployment status “Failed” is still unchange from yesterday.

Hi Palaniyappan,

Do you have any demo or video to train semi - structure format on document understanding