How to Create Object Repository in UiPath

Hi, i am moving from Selenium to UiPath, and wanted to create an Object Repository for my application for future maintenance.

My application i am accessing via Citrix and so for automation using Images feature of UiPath.
i wanted to know if there is a way i can create an Object repository for individual images, so that in future if anything changes, i just need to update at one place, instead of updating all the workflows using that image.



I think you could place these files in a shared location, but this approach is not necessarily ideal for version and change control.

In 2018.4 there is a new feature where you can publish a project into a Library, which means you could keep the image in the same location as the project and it will package all the files and also keep version control. So maybe that’s more like what you are wanting. I’m still not certain how you reference files using Libraries though as I have not used this feature.