How to create new excel file every day uniquely

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Everyday i need to do datascarping and store in excel file but everyday i will be getting new data so my problem is i need to create a new excel file by using automation and store the scrapped data inside that but these file should unique.

Can any one help me on this please,

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Use Write Range activity

Inside the fileName, you can make as “Pathof the folder” + Today.ToString(“MMddyyyy”)+“.xlsx”

If you are running daily above will works will create the xlsx file

If you are running multiple times in a day then use as below

“Pathof the folder” + Today.ToString(“MMddyyyy hhmmss”)+“.xlsx”

will will add Date as well as time with seconds


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Hi @chaithanya_kumar_M

Use write range activity and in file path give as “Yourpath\Filename_Prefix” + now.tostring(“ddMMyyyy hhmm”) + “.xlsx” it will craete a new file with creent datetime.


Hi Prasath_S,

It worked for me thanks.

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Happy to hear @chaithanya_kumar_M mark it as solution if it helps…thanks

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