How to create new entity record in UiPath Data service using UiPath Studio

To create a new entity record in Data service via UiPath studio we first we have to import the entity in UiPath Studio.

  1. Click on Manage Entities and select the entity that you need to import.

2. Create a new variable lets say emp and variable type will be ProcessName.Entity.

3. Initialize a newly created variable as Entity.

4. Drag & drop multiple assign activity and assign values to each field of an entity.

In our example, the entity name is “EmployeeData” & it has 3 fields i.e EmployeeName, Age & Gender.

5. We will use Create Entity Record activity to add the data to the entity.

  • Entity Type — The property only supports types imported from Data Service. By default, UiPath.DataService.Definition.IEntity is selected.
  • Input Record — The record that is to be created for the selected Entity type. Must be of the same type as the selected Entity Type.
  • Output Record — The record created from the Data Service, stored in an Entity type object. This field only supports objects of types imported from Data Service and must be of the same type as the selected Entity Type.

6. Let’s run the workflow & see the results.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

Happy Automation!!