How to create multiple entity records in UiPath Data Service

In this tutorial we will learn about how we can create multiple records in bulk for the selected entity in Data Service.

  1. I have Data Entity “Student” in which we have 3 fields- Student Name, School & Marks.

2. Now , we have to bulk upload the data into these 3 fields.

3. Firstly, we will write the data into the excel file that we need to add into these fields.

4. Now, this data we will add into our Entity in the respective fields.

5. Read the data of the excel file using Read Range activity and store the output in the variable DTRange.

6. Initlialize the variable instudentrecord to type collection.


7. Use for each loop to iterate through each row of the excel file and assign the variable Singledata to the entity.

  1. Assign the value of each row of the excle file to the each field of an entity.

9. Drag & drop create multiple entity record activity and pass the input & output variables.

Complete workflow skeleton:-

Lets run the worflow now & check the result.

I hope you enjoyed the article!!

Happy Automation!