How to create multiple activities using Visual Studio?

I’ve created two different C# classes in the Project and after making nukget package and installing in UiPath Studio it doesn’t show up. Although when there’s only one class it works fine. Any suggestion?
I’ve used the following way to create custom activity

Hello @Stephen_Simon
You need two different class (.cs) file with same namespace.
One more point whenever you create nukget package Id must be different to previous package to display changes in uipath
Or make sure you created nukget package with latest dll file

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Well I must say you pointed the two exact mistakes I was making. Also, I rushing to you this weekend at meetup to help me out anywat:blush::blush::blush:


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If you have multiple .cs files then add all your file names under ItempGroup section in .csproj file and you can found this file in your custom activity project folder. Please find the below attached screenshot for your reference.

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@lakshman I couldn’t find the .csproj file. Attached is the screenshot for reference! Am I doing something wrong? Please note I’m using this approach



Check it in your project folder and you will find it.

The file with the C# icon - “BlynkCloudArduino” - should be the csproj file.
The “Solution ‘BlynkCloudArduino’” is an sln file.
Visual Studio hides the extensions. You will probably have to close Visual Studio and open it in Notepad to make the suggested revisions, then reopen Visual Studio and build again.

@jfarnden Thank! I was to able to find the .csproj file.