How to create list of list


I’ve to Extract Data from PDF and Store it as list of strings,

Eg: invoice number= it has to display the invoice Number


create a variable of this type
System.Collections.Generic.List(of string) — if it is just a list of string variable with default value as new list (of string) defined in the variable panel

then we can use FOR EACH loop and pass the above vaariable as input and change the type argument as string
inside the looop use item.ToString to display the value

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You can create List by List(Of String) using System.Collections.Generic.List, then select respective type to get the list created.

How to convert a pdf to List ??
like each row in the pdf should be stored in a list??

you mean the text in pdf must be stored in list as array of string
in that case once after getting the string named str_input use this expression
list_string = str_input.Split(Environment.Newline.ToArray()).ToList
where list_string is a variable of type list(of string) with default value as new list (of string)

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this Str_input is Output of PDF ??you meant??

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so now what if i want to get specific row from list_string @Palaniyappan???

we can mention the index value
like this

where index starts from 0 for the first element
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PDF1.pdf (307.9 KB) This is my PDF And when i mentioned the index value
i’m getting blank message

hope this would help you
Cheers @Pradeep_Shiv (49.7 KB)