How to create key vault Asset?

Hi, can anyone know how to use a Key vault credential store?
I created my key vault credential store, now i want to create the asset of type Key vault and it ask username and password. Can anyone tell me what I should insert in username and password?

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Orchestrator assets are able to keep only pre-defined data. To be able to keep some data provided during process and keep it somewhere you should use DataService :slight_smile:

can you tell me what steps I need to follow to connect a key vault credential to Uipath Data Service?

You can use dedicated package for Azure:

and grab key with this activity:

There’s no direct way to push key to DataService. This must be done by taking it from azure and push to DataService using dedicated packages. More information about DataService and Entities are here:

Please note that DataService is not available for Community Orchestrator.

Since uipath offers these activities, then what is the purpose of creating a key vault credential on orchestrator?

DataService might be considered more like a database where you have possibility to read and write data. Additionally it helps you integrate all of our cloud products into one ecosystem so you can build for example a web app (using UiPath Apps) which will trigger some processes in the unattended process and finally will save/update data in the DataService.

In case of the Orchestrator is better for basic use where you don’t need to update anything in variable during your process. And for the Orchestrator assets you might share them across users/robots.

Please also do not forget that Orchestrator Assets are available for everyone where Data Service is restricted to Enterprise.

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