How to create If Statement to see if 3 amounts equal the same

How do I create an If Statement to see if 3 cells in an Excel Spreadsheet equal the same total. For example, I need A1, G1, and J1 to all equal the same number, if they equal the same then I want to continue the process.

How would you be extracting the data from excel? via read cell if so you could do something like this: Variable1 = Variable2 andalso Variable2 = Variable3, but it you are extracting and putting into a datatable and wanted to see if all three fields on each row matched you could put this into an If dt.AsEnumerable.Where(Function® r(“C1”).toString<>r(“C2”).toString or r(“C2”).toString<>r(“C3”).toString ).Any to return true if there was a discrepancy or false if all was true ( where C1 - C3 are the headers of your columns)

can you show me what you mean?I am new to UiPath

lets assume your values (also when it are numbers) can be treated as strings.

with following statement it can be checked:

find starter help here:
Check_MultiVars_SameValue.xaml (5.3 KB)