How to create folder locally in system through UIpath

I want to create one master folder in C or D drive through UI path studio.After creating master folder,i want to crate three folder inside the master folder.

How to resolve this issue in UIpath?


@Rahul_Raj Please try using Create Directory activity in UI path studio.

I have created master folder from Create Directory activities.Now i want to open this master folder and to create three more folder inside the master folder.How to do this one?

simply add 3 “Create Directory” activities, each pointing to the desired folder:
C:\Maste Folder\Subfolder 1
C:\Maste Folder\Subfolder 2
C:\Maste Folder\Subfolder 3


Hi, Rahul_Raj
This is suresh even i am not able to create subfolder inside the master folder, i tried but it is not creating folder inside the folder, directly creating folder how to solve it please give any suggesstion…

Hi @sureshselvamani,


Use create Directory activity to create the folder.

Create “Master Folder” using create Directory activity give the path as above.

New Path->C:\Suresh\Master Folder
Again use create Directory to create sub folder .



Thanks, Arivu
As per you suggesstion i tried it is working

  1. Take Sequence. In that Drag Drop Create directoryActivity.
  2. In Create Directory property provide pathname like"C:\Users\lenovo\Desktop\Demo\main"
    3.after that take Do while Activity. In that body Drag Drop Assign Activity. Assign activity properties panel in To Field create “Counter” and in value Field “Counter + 1”.[provide counter value is Zero in variable panel].
    5.After that Drag Drop again " Create directory" and properties panel path files write like “C:\Users\lenovo\Desktop\Demo\main\Sub”+Counterr.ToString".
    6.In do while condition writes like “Counter<4”.

Finally the result is will come as you expected

Hi @chinnapureddy03,
Refer this one

How to create the folder in the same place with my Robot? - #2 by arivu96

Instead of giving full path it will directly take from the project path.