How to create folder and move the transactions items to the respective names

Hi guys,

Kindly help me to achieve this scenario:

  1. I have a scenario where am looping all the transactions in a excel file.(Main Sheet)
  2. I Am writing the results in an another excel(Results sheet) only with the owner ID.
  3. Once all the transactions are processed in main sheet i need to create the folder with the owner names(on of the column) given in the main sheet. Also inside the folder, I need to create a excel with all the data from results sheet based on their respective ID.
  4. Finally, each folder of owner names contains an excel with respective data(Based on ID).

Main Sheet:

Results sheet:

Hi, check out following approach:

  1. Create a datatable (or list) of unique IDs from Results table.
  2. For each unique ID check its Owner Name (lookup in Main Table)
  3. Create Folder
  4. Filter Results table to keep only rows with specified ID
  5. Write filtered table to output
    Example code attached
    Sequence6.xaml (9.9 KB)

Hi @blathursby ,

Thank you for the reply. However, the sequence given is not working. getting the following error

Hi @vinutha1

Could you share the file here with dummy data as per requirement?


Hi @pravin_calvin

Folder.xlsx (10.0 KB)

Hi @vinutha1

As per your requirement i have created a file Refer to the zip file below!

And Make changes based on Your Folder paths! (23.4 KB)



Thank you so much…its working well!

Can you please tell me inside the folder of owner’s how to get all data in one excel instead of creating multiple excel with each ID.


Clarification needed!

You need the whole data instead of each id data in each excel?



yup…inside the each owner’s folder, need only one excel with whole data.

Here, ID can be multiple for each owner name in main sheet.

Folder.xlsx (11.8 KB)


Refer to the xaml below!

As per requirement change the condition in if activity!

true–> will result the whole excel without Duplication.

False–> will result the whole excel expect Duplicates.

test_Sequence.xaml (13.2 KB)


Hi @pravin_calvin,

Firstly, Thank you for your time!!

Am sorry! I think my question is not clear. let me give you a better picture.

Am expecting the output to be like this

Folder creation is right!

Inside each Folder of owner I need output in only one excel . (Here it is saved with current date)

Makand owner has 101 and 102 data(ID). so both data should be written in that excel(12-11-2021.xlsx)

Like wise…for each folder of owner I need excel to be created only one with their data written based on the ID’s matched.

Hope so now I have explained my requirement better!

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Hi @vinutha1

The below xaml will work as per the above requirement!

Apology for being delayed!

test_Sequence.xaml (11.3 KB)


Hi @pravin_calvin ,

Thank you!! I am getting the error as below shown. Which Package should I update?

Hi @vinutha1

Please refer to the zip file below!

TestFile (2).zip (22.9 KB)



Thank you so much!! Working good as expected.

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