How to Create Dynamic Name title in Selector

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Today I was trying to copy 2 Price from the website. But in one activity, I am able to do so but on the other, I am not because another title is not editable.

  1. image ------ I am able to do it

  2. image ------- I am not able to edit it

Web_Recording.xaml (11.4 KB)

Can anyone please help me how to make this dynamic?

You may edit it in the Selector Property

In the first one you are using the direct selector in the activity.

In the second one you are attaching the window and then using the partial selector in the activity.

For partial selectors, the window selector is fixed.

In this case, for that activity… go to properties, in the selector field, click on edit and paste your selector as string.

Make sure that your selector will be in a single line.

For example,

"<html app='firefox.exe' ..... /><webctrl aaname...... />"

Karthik Byggari

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Thanks for your reply,

Can you please do the same in the attached file because I’m not able to do it. And upload the same again ?

Hi @jhabijay_10

Sorry, I had a prb with my laptop. Can’t able to send now.

You can check the following post for some idea -

Karthik Byggari

thanks for you reply…
But I know the same can be edited in editor window of selector but it unable me to do that in editor window also, it seems the code is fixed and can’t be changed. I don’t know the reason behind, for which still i am exploring…

Hi @jhabijay_10,

Can you copy the below selector in an assign statement, so here you have 2 lines but in assign statement have it in a single line, surrounded with double quotes


Where you have hard coded the value provide your dynamic value
for ex aaname=’"+String Variable+"’

And the output of assign statement pass it in selector of the Activity.