How to create dynamic folder in uipath?

I want to create dynamic folder based on the Order numbers like Eg :CR-723023

@sai.chenji Can you elaborate more about your scenario

I will get mails… subject with CR-Number in that we have images i have to store those images based on the subject Name

@sai.chenji Store Cr number in a variable and create a directory with the same name as stored in variable

Inside a “For Each” activity with argument type “System.Net.Mail.MailMessage”, add a “Create Folder” activity and give the path as, "your desired path\"+mail.Subject
Then add a ‘Save Attachment’ activity with folder path "your desired path"+mail.Subject+"\"
Where ‘mail’ is just an object inside the ‘for each’ activity.

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@sai.chenji Hi Sai

Read Email using Get Outlook MailMessage.
Take output of this as “mail_Message”.
Use a for each loop for above mail_message.
Inside loop use create directory and provide path as “Path”+Item.Subject.ToString
use another activity below this “Save Attachments”
In first field provide “item”.
In second field provide ““Path”+Item.Subject.ToString”

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