How to Create Custom Visual Controls for UIPath



I am trying to find out how I can create custom xaml controls for my workflows in UIPath. I already read and managed to include custom dll’s (projects with classes which I have compiled using Visual Studio), but cannot find further documentation to do the same, but for creating custom visual controls that would appear on the “activities” tab after installed.

I have seen some example code in your Github repository, but no tutorials that help me to perform the installation. Could you point me to any guide on that matter???

Thanks in advance.


Hi Gerardo,

Is this what you’re searching for?

One tricky thing: In order to be loaded by UiPath the nuget package name should end in .Activities


No, what I was looking for was finally explained on this:

It was more related to WWF than to UIPath, but didn’t know at the time.

Thank you anyway!