How to create custom activity using VBA macro based code

i hardly know but i know Excel macro so i wanted to create custom activity using VBA macro

Is it possible, how can i do that ?

we can use INVOKE VBA with your script
–first write a txt file with your vb net script
–use INVOKE VBA activity and pass the file path of that text file as input

Cheers @Vikram212

Thanks but i dont want to use invoke VBA activity because it gives Trust access error and user has to do that manually and also it might have loads of parameters to be passed in entry method parameter.

so only trying to create activity which will ease

here you go with a document from uipath

Cheers @Vikram212


do you like to run a Macro in MS-excel file ?

yes @allurai_india


1)Take the activity “Excel applicatoin Scope”
Mention the path of macro file …xlsm
2)Please take help of “excecute Macro” Activity.

Propeties :


MacroName: "mainframe_Validation1

following should be your VBA code in excel file

sub mainframe_Validation1()

end sub