How to create custom activity similar to UiPath.Google.Activities?


I want to create custom activity using Google Cloud Platform. I see UIipath open source Google API and code available in github.

I want to create my own using structure similar to above. I know some basic C#, But do not know how to put it all together, my question is:

  1. How to build all of my codes in Visual Studio, should I include all files?.
  2. How to pass API to my custom activity , do I need to do after nuget package?.

Appreciate, if someone gives high level steps starting from VS to deploying in UiPath Studio.


Hi @rathinp2009

Please refer the below link.


I have seen that tutorial and created simple custom activities (add,sum,divide numbers, sqrt numbers) in single .cs file.

Attached UiPath.Google.Activities which contains speech to text and text to speech api’s. What I am looking for is, how to build dll for these files.How to include api credentials (if using Google, Azure cloud plarform) in uipath studio.