How to create copy of the existing project and export xaml file

Hi all, Can some one help me to create copy of existing project. I tried to copy entire folder. I even changed the name of the project in the new folder. but when I opened the studio. It shows to two folder with same name and it is very confusion.
Also i need help with regard to exporting the Xaml files to another user. When it is done… it gives dependencies compactible error. I’m unable to fix.

Hi @satya_m_b ,

Steps to do this:

1 - Copy entire project and paste it.
2 - Change the folder name.
3 - Click on highlighted setting button and change the project name shown in below screenshot.


Hi @ermanoj3101 ,

Thank you for your help. I was able to create a copy and rename it. It was very helpful.
Could you please also help me with the exporting of XAML file to my colleague. I tried it gives dependencies errors. I’m unable resolve it.

Much Thanks

Hi @satya_m_b ,

Just check installed packages from package manager, the installed packages should be same as your machine.


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You can also check it from Project Panel


If this is resolved , please close the thread .


Hi @satya_m_b,

Another way is to export your project as template and publish it to a shared drive.

Your colleagues can then use the template and all dependencies will be automatically installed.

In both mentioned solutions (@ermanoj3101) , remember that your colleagues have to edit the Unique ID in their version of the project.json file.


If your colleagues work on the same UniqueID then they or you will get an error when publishing projects to Orchestrator as the project being published may have already consumed that Unique ID in orchestrator packages.

UiPath for some reason does not change the unique ID when publishing a process as a template.

If you manually copy all files in the project, your colleagues still have to edit the project.json and install project dependencies.

Hope this clears and avoids future surprises :slight_smile: