How to create big of SAP accounts automatically on uiPath

Are you sure your index increments?

Do you have the same? Click not on … but on the field itself (selector in top right)

Yep I have incresed the index=index+1 in the loop. Did this work fine in your case?

Yep, absolutely. Send me your xaml

Here is my xaml file

Sequence.xaml (12.4 KB)

@Yurii_Horobets can you help to check my xaml file please?

Hey, you should create your dynamic selector not in this page

but here,

double click on the text, fix it
and you should get like this

Also you don’t need to increment index manually, if it’s introduced in for each activity properties

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Hey @Yurii_Horobets. Thank you so much. I have fixed my problem by updating something in the editor. Thanks again!!!

Great! Please mark as a solution one of my posts.

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