How to Create an Own Log file using Text Document?

Dear All,
There is Default Logs in Orchestrator & System where UIPath Installed.

BUt I want to create a Separate Log for my Execution - So that when ever i starts my Execution, the Script should automatically create a New Log file by using text document.

I tried to create Log using text document BUT each time the first line is Replacing with the next. At end of the Execution i am able to see the Log Message of “Last Activity” Executed by BOT.

In Automation Anywhere it Works,
BUt in UIPath it is NOT Working.

Can someone help on this?
pavan k

Hi @Pavan_Kodali

Have you tried ussing Append Line activity? It is meant to append a line to the existing text document:

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Thanks a lot Boss…!!!

Actually i could not be able to Remember this Option. Thanks Again - It works for me to Create my OWn Runtime Log File as i wish.

Have a great Day…!!!

Also If Possible,
Please could you try to help o nthe below Topic which i raised many days back, BUT No one replied on this:

Thanks Again & Much appreciated your kind help and support…!!!

You can use properly with header.

  1. Path exist
  2. if condition
  3. then append line
  4. else write text file
    Thanks & Regards
    Bagish ojha
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Hi @Pavan_Kodali,

Take a look this


Append line is adding only the last line, when there are invoke workflow in between two append line activity. Please suggest.

Thanks Bro, its working

LogHelper.xaml (31.3 KB)
it’s better implemention.

Excuse me, could you explain how the workflow works?