How to create an action for x amount of times a task is performed

I am looking to use the click action to save a window in Microsoft edge every x amount of times it cycles through a process in order to not timeout said window. If there is a short way to do this please let me know, otherwise, all I can think about is throwing in multiple for each loops.

Can you explain a litle more about this window and interaction with it?

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If you are using the RE Framework then why not get a ‘clean state’ at the start of each transaction or item?

Something like clicking Home/F5 to refresh the page/site.

Then start your process on that item.



The window is using Microsoft Edge through a website and is brought up to preform tasks and accounts. I am needing my process to go through some records let’s say 20 times checking and doing tasks and after said times I need to just preform a click assignment and hit save In order to keep that window active due to having to log in again and stop the process if said window times out.

If the site times out it can stop the process of the program. I’ll look into the RE framework and see what I can do! I basically wanted to see if looping the process and every x times then execute a save click to continue the activity! Working on a program to run through items and bounce back from excel to Microsoft edge and need the window active to prevent inactivity errors. If for while is easier or if there was an easier method then dropping a loop in each of then statement needed. Thank you!

You can use loop activities to processes your tasks. Inside your loop, put some validation before start the next one. For example, check if login time out occurs, if so, you call other workflow just for login. Then your process continues without break.

If you need more robust solution with retry mechanism, processes task individually and so on the better choice is ReFramework

If you perform simple task, you can create additional step for check login. Specially create a workflow only for login purpose that you can call in timeout case or even put user interaction activity like click to make some interaction with this windows to prevent timeout. But some time to process 1 task the time necessary is more than timeout ones. So the additional step is a good practices.