How to create active directory


I am new to concept active directory,i have only basic idea about it so please bear with me

I have few questions related to it to create it ie:what is the tool required,is there any addional server required for it to connect the active directory to orchestrator


Hi @heena_shaikh,

I’m not an active directory expert so I can’t help you create that but I know what activities you need to manage it using Uipath. Check this post: IT Automation Activities for Active Directory Domain Services

I think it is a bit more involved for this forum to dig into how to setup AD and how to manage it as that is beyond the scope of just UiPath.

It might help if you provide your reasons for wanting to set it up and integrate with Orchestrator.

Have a read over these will give you an idea of what Active Directory is and why you might set it up.

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