How to create a Transaction that never registered in Orchestrator Queue

Dear All,

I have cases that my Project always has dispatcher and Performer.

the issue I am facing is the dispatcher always creates a new transaction even the transaction has been registered before.

I would like dispatcher to only create a transaction that hasn’t registered in the Orchestrator Queue.

anyone has Idea, I really appreciate


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You can check with Queues → Unique reference to enable


So it will not allow to create the same transaction if it is present in the Queue

Hope this helps


Thanks for your input.

more questions. does it will allow to create even the presented trans was failed or succeed?


It will not allow at all even the transaction is failed or success

If the transaction failed, there is a retry, according to the number of retry you specify it will retries and then failed

For adding to queue you have to go to queue and manually you need to delete, then only it will allow to create a new transaction item

Hope this clears your question

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your information is enough for me. I will set it as solution.

thank you so much.

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hi @irahmat
I hope that your issue is regarding skip the duplicate transaction right
i hope its better to handle its in your design when in your programming ,

i think it will be better

yup. I have my designed REFRamework.

Now, I understood what it is unique reference for. more easy than my own logic.

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