How to create a Single report from Multiple bots - with one process


I hope it is using queues

If so…then you need to follow somethin glike a locking mechanism and let only one bot create the report and this can be implemneted in end process state

Steps are as follows

  1. Create an asset in orch named lock
  2. Now in you init state first run if condition set the asset to NA
  3. In the end process use get queue items woth new or in progress states
  4. Count the queue items usign quitm.count>0 in if condition
  5. On else side do nothing and on then side add a get asset on lock
  6. Using if condition check if strlock.equals(“NA”)
  7. On else side do nothing and on the then side use set asset with Environmnet.UserName and then after that use a get asset again on lock
  8. Use if condition and check strlock.Contains(Environment.Username)
  9. On else side do nothing and on then side use your create report xaml

Hope this helps