How to create a separate excel file for every month

Hello folks,

My requirement is to create a separate excel file for every month. Could anyone suggest how can do that

could you be a little more specific, do you want to create an empty file with a specific name for each month right now or do you want to create a monthly file?

Hello @ushu,

Here is the activity is called Create workbook(That is to create a new excel file.) with example file.


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Hi Ushu,

Use Excel Application scope and give the path of file with current month and year.
ex- C:\Users\Desktop\xyz\FileName_“+Now.Month.ToString+”_“+Now.Year.ToString+”.xlsx".
If file with same month exist this will not create new file but if it’s not present then this will auto create file


Thanks everyone. Hope it works ermanoj. But, everyday it has to append the data in the next cell. How do we increment the counter. If we increment the counter once the process is finished for today it will back to its default value. How it knows it has to insert the data in ex A5 or A6. Please suggest on the same