How to create a re-usable component in uipath?



how to create a re-usable component in uipath?


Right click on the sequence/workflow you want to extract, click extract workflow and then use invoke workflow to use it anywhere.


Hi @vijai1,

Creating re-usable components is a good practice and saves a lot of time.

  1. Try to create XAML files that have few activities.
  2. The values that can change over time should not be hard coded in the workflow, instead use config file which will be in the Key-Value format and can be read in a dictionary variable.
  3. Use Invoke Workflow activity to integrate workflows(XAML files).
  4. Read about REF(Robotic Enterprise Framework).

Sarthak Jain


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when i try to use hot key activity in excel app scope , the excel sheet is closing without sending the hot key. could anyone help me to resolve that


hi Sartak,

Could you please share a sample XAML file?


Hi @vijai1,
Before using send hot key use element exists activity to check the excel application is open or not. If yes use send hot key else part leave blank.



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Hi @vijai1,

Refer below like to re-usable component example of Removing empty row from the DataTable.
Pass the Parameter(I/O) as DataTable you will get the result.



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