How to create a queueitem from dictionary or json

Consider the queue item received from get transaction, is lost - the robot failed during some point prior to completion, and the status of the item was either set to failed or maybe never got to that point (meaning ‘in progress’ for a 24 hour span).

The specific content from that particular queue item has been saved in a database prior to the loss.
Due to certain business complications, this queue item has to be processed immediately, and cannot wait for the 24 hour period of being ‘in progress’ to disappear.

I was wondering if you could create a dictionary or json file similar to the structure of a queue item, and then parse it as a queue item? And then use that to set status to success - of course not until after a successful run.

I have looked at the API documentation, but I am not sure how much information is needed for the orchestrator to recognize the created item as the one in the queue (is it just the unique key?), and if it is even possible.

Anyone who might know this?

Hi @Lenz any answers for this? I’m having a similar problem

You can save the unique key from the original queue item in a database. If the process stops abruptly, create a new queue item, and set the key to the original one. This makes it so that orchestrator thinks it is still the same item. This of course means that you need to save the original values of the original queue item.

Hope this helps