How to Create a OneDrive & Sharepoint Integration Service Connection for a different user

How do I create an OneDrive & Sharepoint Integration Service connection that uses credentials for an account other than me? When logged into Automation Cloud Orchestrator, Integration Services and creating or editing a connection, I get no option to enter credentials.

The “Connect” button triggers an automatic connection to be made in the context of me–i.e. the user who is logged in to Automation Cloud. (We log into Automation Cloud using only the “continue with Microsoft” option, so this somewhat understandable that Microsoft doesn’t prompt for an account here.)

I have found a clunky workaround–when you get to the screen with the Connect button, copy the URL from the address bar and paste it into an Incognito/In Private window. This will cause the Microsoft login to allow you to enter credentials, and they do end up being saved back into the original connection.

So my question is: Is there a better way to make/edit OneDrive & Sharepoint Connections for Integration Service?

Try the same steps but in an Incognito Browser session. In that case no accounts will be auto-completed.

Yes, I noted the incognito workaround in the original post; however, I was hoping there was a better way to do it.