How to create a loop which will download the files from Google Drive

Hi Team,

I need to create a flow which will download the files from google Drive and save them to a FTP Location.

I am not able to download the file as there is no direct Download button in google drive.

Need your help.


If you create a click activity on google drive file and change it as right click then you will get a menu.
on the same menu you have Download option.

I tried that. Once you come back to the studio and use another click activity for Download, it will disappear.

Please try to download and let me know if it works for you.


you have to press F2 function key on your keyboard and make right click to get menu and start record 2nd activity.

there is one more alternate method, get the download URL and pass that URL into a browser. it will automatically download. Make sure you get a unique key in the URL so that it never change.

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Thanks for help @rkelchuri

I am opening the file and then clicking on Download button.


i am not able to perform this…can u help?

pl post your WF

I have to download files from google drive. I am using send hotkey to select a file but i am not able to select the download button.It disappears as soon as i click on recording.

you have to press F2 function key on your keyboard while recording. When you press F2 then UiPath Robot will stop recording. Then you can click the menu where you can show the download button in 3 seconds. Once it appear then keep the cursor on the download button and click on it. UiPath will collect object information of the download button.
hope my inputs are useful

Do you have a sample workflow? :disappointed_relieved:

What you want exactly in the sample workflow?

This is my attached workflow. I tried recording method yet it is not working. Please take a look.

@SHAISTA I gave an example on how to record to download an attachment from google drive. not from IMAP or Gmail.
Gmail attachment is different than google drive attachment. You have to handle it in a different way when you use mail API.

please check out above post.

added two more activities. PFA

Main.xaml (14.0 KB)