How to create a list of elements, from the data of a column

Hi to all,
I have a problem organizing a workflow, on tables with large volumes.
Not being able to work massively on the whole table, I need to identify some fields, and apply filters to divide the operations.

The first element to collect is the date of Start_Date_1B, grouping it x then filter the table later and create smaller tables.

The table contains over 40k rows.
But I can resize the table to lower volumes by grouping x data.
The dates in this file are 5.
February, March, April, May and June. (at the moment).
So I would like the bot to read the list of dates present.
and created smaller tables by dividing them for each month.


Can anyone help me with this?

Hi @AaronMark

There is Filter Data Table Activity which can be very handy in this scenario.


You can easily configure the filter to suit your needs

The are two options : Filter Rows-

Filter Columns


You can use conditions to filter rows. It also supports variables.

Hi Kumar,
I had thought about the filter datatable, but I miss understanding how I can identify the dates in the file, to create the variables, or the objects to filter.

If you are scraping that table and storing it in DT.[Start_Date_1B]=‘2021-02-02’).CopyToDataTable. like wise for other required dates.

You can get distinct dates from that column by using. DT. AsEnumerable.Select(Function (r)(r(Start_Date_1B))).Distinct().ToArray.

Hi Meher, thanks for your contribution…
I think I still have some problems, or maybe I misused the command.
I did this.

  • reading the excel sheet. (the table exists on the database, but I think the operations are identical)

  • LIST variable assignment

List = array of objetct

but, if i try to write list:

I thought I could see the list of dates, grouped?
Did I do something wrong?
I’m not very experienced … sorry

Use write line in foreach item in List and print item.Tostring.

Else in write line use this String.join(",",List).

I think I have taken a big step forward.
I have another question if I may.

The final purpose of this division is to create lists of tables for each array collected.

The Bot detects 7 different dates.
The target is to split the “master” table into 7 smaller tables.
One for each date.

How can I combine these two things?
thanks a lot…

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