How to Create a Generic Code for fetching business data from sites which is having Different UI

We have a one business requirement, on which we have to fetch business data from different site which is having different UI like (Label, Text Box, Button Type all are also different in each site). And sites are 700+. For this we have to create a generic code so that from one code(workflow) we can fetch the data from all site and if any new site introduce in future also so we don’t require to change the code.

Could anyone please provide suggestion how we can do this kind of automation.

Hi @ashishjain13

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If structure of the data( attributes of the elements) are same in all website then it can be achieved through single generic work flow… But if it is changing from one to other then it is difficult to manage it through generic work flow


Hi @Ajju

Structure of the data(attributes) are not same. On some pages direct Text box and search button is available and on some sites links are present , first we have to click it then we will have the text box and on some sites tabs are there. And for each site label of each attribute is also different for example for Address labels are St Name, STREET ADDRESS, Address, Address (number / street),Street Address, etc.