How to create a file.bat

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i want the same bat file to run on other machine …
is it possible ? , by giving the common path …?
please help me

now bath file is created and its working fine…
the same bath file can be executed in other machine?
please help me how to do it…

@vinod_sagar same bat file can be executed if path of robot and xaml file are same otherwise you need to change path of both them and then execute

the path and other things will be changed., same i will change in bat file…
should we install uipath studio in that machine?

@vinod_sagar i dont have much knowledge about uipath. Normally i am running xaml files in which uipath is installed. I think u should install uipath, there may be other ways also but i am not sure about it.

Ok , thank you for your support…:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Ram,
As i am able to create a .BAT file and , i am able to run also( In my Workstation)
Can i run that .BAT file in other workstation , where there is no uipath studio is installed?

Please do Needful, this is my project requirement … i should run that bat file in client location.

Thank you very much.

No you cannot. You need to have UiPath Studio installed in that system as well.

Rammohan B.

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Thank you very much…

There is a way, if you want…

  1. Set a Scheduled Task in the workstation wherever you want to run, having a dedicated path for this batch file.

  2. copy the batch file to the workstation location as in Step 1 (you can use TELNET or any other copy mathod) after creating it by your BOT itself.

  3. Once you copied your batch to the requested location, shoot the command from your BOT to trigger the scheduled task for that workstation.

This way you can make it work.

Hope, it will help you.

if you want to check the error, you can store that error message to a Error/log file by simply the below way…

put >>log.txt after the command if you want capture only logs from the process
put 2>error.txt after the command if you want capture errors from the process

For example:

C:\bat file test>Uipath_batfile.bat >>log.txt
C:\bat file test>Uipath_batfile.bat 2>error.txt


@SaurabhG where these files will be stored. i am not getting these files in my system

they should be in your working directory.
if you wanr, you can set the full path for those files too, by just adding the full path to it
for example: “C:\bat file test>Uipath_batfile.bat 2>**C:\bat file test**error.txt”


Hi @SaurabhG @sara_s @vinod_sagar @Rammohan91
Am trying to run the .bat file to launch UiPath and run my activity using below commands,but only UIPath is running but expected xaml not running .Please correct me.
\file: “C:\Users\CL100126\AppData\Local\UiPath\PMACSExecutableLogsValidation.xaml"


@RajeshT You have to use path robot instead of studio.

Hi @Manjuts90 Manju,

Thank you for the response.

Even it doesn’t launch the Uipath if i use robot instead of studio.
Please help if am doing any mistake.
\file: “C:\Users\CL100126\AppData\Local\UiPath\PMACSExecutableLogsValidation.xaml”


@RajeshT Try below path


instead of


If above option didn’t work try below options also.

Check also other options -file or -f instead of \file

Hi @Manjuts90 ,

Can you check my Installation done correctly,seems i dont see robot.exe in my folder.
Above mentioned doesn’t worked for me.


@RajeshT Once uipath studio gets updated and folder is created for that version automatically.

Please check app-19.8.0 folder