How to create a file.bat

@vinod_sagar above command is working na

This is the simple activity, see the sceen shot taken.
Thank you for your help …

@vinod_sagar don’t give colon after file and give space before and after file

This the new error with license…

@vinod_sagar i dont know about licensing error . For me same command working correctly. why u changed C:bat file test from C:\Users\vinod.sagar

“C:bat file test from C:\Users\vinod.sagar” BAt file should be in same path…?

@vinod_sagar i don’t know about licensing error u must ask some other person for it.

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@vinod_sagar restart ur uipath studio and try once again.

Hello bro,
please tell me
path :uirobot.exe and Main.xaml should be in same path.

i think it’s not , but the *.bat must be in Project folder location !

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@vinod_sagar For me both are in same folder. i think that wont make any difference

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may be its not working for me …:frowning_face:

i will try once again…thank you for your support bro

@vinod_sagar ur welcome

solved - Please watch this you can get solution

watch this

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Its okey if your batch file is not in the same location as your project, but you need to make sure that you are providing full path of the workflow that you are trying to run.

@vinod_sagar So appending Start "" /min before the Uirobot path is not working? Is your CE updated to 2018.2 Version. If Yes than try to provide the UiRobot.exe path from that folder.

Rammohan B.

I will try, with this once i update to latest version…Thank you very much

@sara_s i will check with your link and will update you…
Thank you very much…

Thank you very much…its working fine…
i should try this at my office…
hope every thing goes well…