How to create a delay before dowloading complete

Hi, experts.

I am trying to download some data from website.
There are following steps:

  1. Selecting parameters
  2. Push the button “Apply” (“Применить”)
  3. Searching info on website (download duration is different and depends on step#1)
  4. Push the button “Save” (“Сохранить”)
  5. Inputing a Name of selecting

I faced the difficulty at step #5.
After launching step #3 and before completing it, step #4 and #5 are started one after another.
Error arise at step#5, because robot can’t find element as it has’not appeared at that moment.

To avoid the error I try to use the following approaches to resolve the problem without any success:

  • set up the Options “WaitForReady = Interactive\Complete” for activities at step #3,4, 5
  • “Element Exists” Activity + DoWhile

Please, give me advice how to fix the error.

Thanks in advance.

If step 4 is always successful and you have an idea of the minimum time it takes, then use some fixed delay and increase timeout of step 5.

step #4 is always successful without any errors, but it starts before ending step#3 .
Unfortunately, fixed delay actitvity doesn’t resolve my situation, because step#3 duration is various and can last from 30 sec till hours and days , moreover there are other requests to website that have to be done in the shortest way

i meant fixed delay to avoid the error in step 5 as you stated…