How to create a cron expression for the below requested

Hi all i need a cron expression to run every first day of the month except that day shouldnt run on saturday like if the first day of the month is saturday

Hi @sathish_Kumar6,

0 0 0 1 * ? *

This expression will schedule the bot to run on first day of the month.

If you dont want to run on Saturdays, you can configure it win the workflow by checking If Now.DayOfWeek.ToString = “Saturday” and stop the process.

Hope it helps.

Its already been live so is there anyway to run except saturdays

Should it run next day if its Saturday?

No its not like that if the month start day is saturday then it shouldnt run

Then I don’t think it can be achieved without modifying the code as I mentioned above.

Following expression will run the bot one first working day of the month. Here you can set in the calendar that Saturday is not working day. But again, this will run on next day which doesn’t satisfy your requirement.

0 0 0 1W * ?


0 0 0 1 * ? *

One thing you can try is to set the trigger to start
As per above cron expression to start every first day of month…

And add a calendar to it and in the calendar select all saturdaya as holidays and bot would not run if that first day is a saturday as it is set as holiday in the working days calendar

Hope this helps