How to create a automation project for download the electronic statement and send email

Hi All

I need to create a project for download my credit card electronic statement and send email to my account staff. my question is , when log into to my citi bank web site after enter the ID and Password , i need to select which credit card , and latest bank statement to print and download the PDF file and send email.

May i know it is possible ? Since at citi bank web site , i need to preform many step manually .

Hope some one can advise me.

Paul Yeo

Hi @Paul_Yeo

Steps to be download the e-statement from the web site.

1.Open browser using the URL(Maximize window )
2.Type into credentials and login.
3.Choose the option credit card and check the latest bank statement.
4.Download the statement and save in a specific folder.
5.Send mail using Smtp activity with the attachment from the folder.